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Abruzzo Embassy has helped many clients discover their family history and genealogy for over 10 years.
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I would highly recommend Abruzzo Embassy for your genealogy tour. The purpose of my trip to Italy was to connect with the culture of my heritage. Abruzzo Embassy did that in a very personal way. Jerry, my personal driver acted as my interpreter as he drove me to the town of Lanciano where my grandfather was born.

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He took me to areas that the normal tourist would never see included with stories about the area and its people. The highlight was looking at the records to find my grandfather. It was an experience that I will always cherish!

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Abruzzo Cibus did a fabulous job of taking us to Corropoli, the town that my grandparents left at the beginning of the 20th century. We had a driver who is fluent in English and who stayed with us for the entire trip. He took us to the city hall and helped us find my great-grandparents’ birth certificates.

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After providing us with a walking tour of the town center, he took us to the cemetery where we were able to locate the graves of several relatives. We are extremely pleased with our experience and highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to trace family roots in Abruzzo!

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My wife and I visited with our 3 teenage children. My grandparents came from Abruzzo 90 years ago and we really wanted to see where they grew up and experience what it was like and find out if we had any remaining relatives there. We had the adventure of our lives, like a treasure hunt.

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In a village about an hour away from the Palazzo Tour d’Eau. We found clues from all sorts of sources well beyond the official municipal office records including from the old men playing cards at the social club, the retired mailman who knew every house and tenant for 50 years, and the matriarchs of the village who were sitting outside casually preparing vegetables for the evening’s dinner–all of whom were more than happy to tell us stories about our family. This is how family genealogy is searched in Abruzzo! Massimo’s knowledge of how and where to find these people, along with his perseverance to get the answers we were seeking, was invaluable in connecting us to family and documents and led to a very successful and emotional day that we will never forget. You cannot put a price on this service and the day we had.

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